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Category Name: Door Access - Fingerprint Reader
Brand: SOYAL
PartNumber: AR821EF_CS
Code: Soyal Fingerprint reader with Capacitive Sensor
Description: Capacitive sensor utilize the principles associated with capacitance in order to form fingerprint images. Compared to optical scanner, capacitive sensor can tolerate wider range of fingerprint condition. Capacitive technology eliminates the need for clean, undamaged epidermal skin and a clean sensing surface, therefore it able to scan sweaty, mild oily and mildly scratched fingers. However, it still can not tolerate severely damaged or greased fingerprint.
Category Name: Door Access - Fingerprint Reader
Brand: SOYAL
PartNumber: AR821EF_OS
Code: Soyal Fingerprint reader with Optical Sensor
Description: Optical scanner are based on the pattern of light & dark that makes up the visual impression of fingerprint. Maintenance free. Most suitable for offices and commercial building.
Attachment:Microsoft Word - SOYAL fingerprint proximity reader.pdf
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